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Global 5G Smartphone Market Controlled By Apple: Has A Quarter Share


The Global 5G Smartphone Market is Controlled By Apple, Which Has a Quarter of The Market.


Based on a study conducted by Strategy Analytics, the global 5G smartphone industry continues to rise rapidly.

On the other hand, Apple is the market leader — both in terms of market share and in terms of monetary value.

According to a report in the previous year’s third quarter, 5G device shipments increased by more than 200% compared to the same period in the preceding year.

At the same time, the overall money generated by the sale of such devices has more than tripled in recent years.

The global 5G smartphone market is controlled by Apple, which has a quarter of the market. Apple owns around a quarter of the global 5G smartphone market, measured in percentage terms.

The Chinese company Xiaomi is in second place, although the company’s rise in 5G device shipments has virtually halted in the most recent quarter.

The South Korean technology behemoth Samsung completes the top three, with demand for its gadgets increasing in many parts of the world.

As a result, among the top players in the worldwide 5G device market are Oppo, Vivo, Honor, and Realme (decreasing order of share).

It should be mentioned that the Honor brand, which broke away from Huawei as a result of US sanctions, has shown the fastest growth rate in 5G smartphone shipments so far this year. Honour’s 5G shipments increased by 194 per cent year on year.

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Growth of 5G Smartphones in the World for the third quarter of 2021

From the third quarter of 2021, according to Yiwen Wu, Associate Director at Strategy Analytics, “Honor was the fastest expanding Android 5G smartphone brand QoQ.”

“Honor 5G smartphones are rapidly gaining in popularity in China,” says the author.

Huawei had previously used the name for a sub-brand of its own, but the company was split out as a separate entity earlier this year.

Nevertheless, the company’s 50 5G, 50 SE 5G, and 50 Pro 5G smartphones were the most popular 5G smartphones in the third quarter of 2021.”

As noted by Ken Hyers, Director at Strategy Analytics, “Xiaomi, which had a significant increase in worldwide 5G smartphone shipments in 2Q 2021, saw that momentum comes to a halt in 3Q 2021, with shipment growth being flat sequentially in the most recent quarter.”

When it comes to Europe, Xiaomi’s potential to grow was curtailed by Samsung’s recovery, whereas OPPO experienced a boom in China.

As a result of a combined one-two blow from Samsung outside of China and OPPO inside China, Xiaomi witnessed the demand for its 5G devices drop significantly in the third quarter of 2021.”

“Samsung has pushed ahead of OPPO to become the second leading Android 5G smartphone vendor internationally in Q3 2021,” says Ville Petteri-Ukonaho, Associate Director at Strategy Analytics.

“OPPO was the first leading Android 5G smartphone vendor globally in Q3 2021.” The company has returned to positive territory after three consecutive quarters of negative sequential shipment growth,” the company said.

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The firm is definitely benefiting from strong demand for its smartphones across a wide range of locations, fueled by a diverse array of handsets available at various pricing points.

The combination of cutting-edge technology, such as foldable display smartphones and a variety of 5G devices, has propelled Samsung products,

such as the premium Galaxy Z Flip 3, the S21 Ultra, and the more affordable A-series, to the second-most popular brand of Android 5G smartphones globally in the third quarter of 2021.”



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