Why Android Users Should Instantly Remove These 151 Apps

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Android users should instantly remove these 151 apps.


Malware and malicious applications are commonplace these days. Despite Apple and Googles’ efforts to remove these apps from their respective app stores, they continue to appear on these platforms occasionally.

According to the company, the cybersecurity software company Avast recently discovered that 151 Android apps were used as part of a premium SMS scam campaign.

UltimaSMS was the name of the fraudulent campaign, which used a bogus Android app to trick users into signing up for expensive SMS services.

Although a collection of 151 fraudulent applications was detected and deleted from the Google Play Store, Android users should ensure that none of them is installed (or have in the past).

According to BGR, Avast, a cybersecurity software company, recently detected a large premium SMS fraud running on the official Google Play Store.

The effort is called UltimaSMS and consists of 151 phony apps downloaded over 10.5 million times in over 80 different countries.

Apps masquerade as legitimate tools in various software categories, including custom keyboards, QR code scanners, video and photo editors, unwanted call blockers, camera filters, and games.

However, they all have the same end aim in mind: to sign up users for premium SMS services.

Each software follows a similar pattern: after installation, the phone’s location, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), and phone number are compared to determine the appropriate area code and language.

The user is next prompted for their phone number and, on occasion, their email address.

This information is then utilized to enrol the user in premium SMS services automatically. The expenses are often $ 40 or more per month, and figuring it out might take weeks or months.

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Once an UltimaSMS app has accomplished its objective, it either ceases to function or offers further subscription alternatives in place of the functionality for which it was downloaded.

The issue is that even if a user uninstalls the app at this point, premium subscriptions will continue to debit their accounts.

Avast has compiled a comprehensive list of all 151 apps involved in this fraud, which every Android user should check.

If you have loaded any of these apps (or have previously done so), delete them immediately.

However, check your statements and notify your carrier if you notice any unexpected costs. Additionally, if you wish to avoid this type of scam in the future, you should be able to request that your carrier disable premium SMS options on your account.

This is not the first time we have seen phone users targeted by fraudulent apps, and it would most likely not be the last.

Spyware is also a significant issue, with over 10 million Android phones compromised last month with the GriftHorse malware.





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