Tuesday, January 31, 2023
iPhone Charging Slowly

Is Your iPhone Charging Slowly Or Taking An Excessive Time To Charge?

Is Your iPhone Charging Slowly Or Taking An Eternity To Charge? Here's How To Get It Fixed.       Have you observed that your iPhone is charging slowly and dying quickly or that your...
Reality OS

Apple’s Reality Operating System For Apple’s Augmented Reality Headsets.

Apple's Reality Operating System For Apple's Augmented Reality Headsets.     The new source code mentions the realityOS operating system for Apple's augmented reality headsets. Despite the fact that Apple's long-rumored virtual or augmented reality...

Iphone 14 Series To Have Fingerprint Sensor And A Punch-Hole Display!

iPhone 14 Series, Return The Fingerprint Sensor And Use A Punch-Hole Display!   Although the iPhone 13 series has been on the market for around three months, there have been a few rumours...

Global 5G Smartphone Market Controlled By Apple: Has A Quarter Share

The Global 5G Smartphone Market is Controlled By Apple, Which Has a Quarter of The Market.   Based on a study conducted by Strategy Analytics, the global 5G smartphone industry continues to rise...
Apple & Android.png

Why Android Has 18GB of RAM And iOS 6GB of RAM: Top 3 Reasons!

Why Android has 18GB of RAM whereas iOS only has 6GB of RAM are the top three reasons.   Android and iOS are the two main camps in the smartphone business, with the...
Top Best:10+ Mobile Phone Brands to Consider in 2020

Top Best:10 Mobile Phone Brands to Consider in 2020!

Top Best:10 Mobile Phone Brands to Consider in 2020!   Tоdаy, the wоrld is а dynаmiс stаge where yоu саn hаve а greаt deаl оf соntrоl оver yоur life. Yоu саn сарture life аrоund...

The Best: ‘Apple AirPods Pro Facts,’ Tips And Tricks! – And How It Feels!

The Best Apple AirPods Pro Tips and Tricks!   The AirPods Pro is a substantial improvement over the standard AirPods. The standard model allows you to listen to music and podcasts, communicate with Siri,...

Is The iPhone XR Really Waterproof? – Why You Should Be Concerned!

Is The iPhone XR Really Waterproof? Why You Should Be Concerned!     With an IP67 rating, Apple's iPhone XR is water-resistant. While it doesn't have the IP68 gold standard for waterproofing like the...

The New MacBook Pro Blows Past Models! Check Out The Features!

The MacBook Pro Graphics And Video Upgrades Are Powered By New M1 Pro and Max Chips     Apple unveiled its new 14" and 16" MacBook Pro models today, including a significant makeover, enhanced...

Which Are The Best Smartphone Cameras Right now? 10 Best Picks!

Top camera phone 2021: our current recommendations for the best smartphone cameras!   Though we'd want to suggest just one camera phone and be done with it, this smartphone industry segment is more...
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