How To Identify Which Songs Is Playing With The Help Of Apps-Just Hum!


What is the name of this song? Identify songs in record time!


Have you ever heard any song that you like and wanted to know the title of the song? You’ve come to the right place.

Those times or days are gone when you had to call a friend and hum the tune of a song to them.

You wouldn’t need to make any efforts at a word here and there to recollect the song.

You can get an accurate description of what you’re hearing from various excellent tools available today – some of which are available immediately.

‘What Is This Song?’ six options are available.

Option 1: Make use of Shazam.

Option 2: Make use of SoundHound.

Option 3: Consult with your phone’s virtual assistant.

Option 4: Invest in a Google Pixel smartphone.

  • Pixel 4XL is a smartphone with a large screen.
  • Pixel 4a is the fourth Pixel on the screen.
  • The Pixel 5 is a smartphone developed by Google.
  • On eBay, you can purchase a Pixel.

Option 5: Make use of a smart speaker.

  • Google Home is a smart speaker which connects to the internet.
  • Amazon Echo is a voice-activated device.
  • Purchase one on eBay.

Option 6: Post a question on WatZatSong.


Option 1: Make use of Shazam.



It’s worth trying a dedicated song identifier app, such as Shazam, if you find yourself in this “what’s this song?” situation regularly and you don’t like the way your phone’s assistant handles the situation.


  • You only need to tap once to identify songs.
  • A high degree of precision
  • A large music library is available.
  • Ease-of-use
  • Functionality when the computer is not connected to the internet
  • Music tracks and videos from search results are accessible with a single tap.
  • Songs you’ve requested in the past have been saved in your history.
  • Because it is account-based, you will be able to access your results from any device (including web browser).


  • Only the original music tracks are identified (no live tracks, covers, singing or humming)
  • There is no option for hands-free operation.

Shazam is the most widely used song identification app available on the market.

It’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Android, Wear OS devices, among other platforms.

Shazam is now fully integrated into the iOS operating system, including the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch users can call out to Siri on their wristwatches to identify the song currently playing around them, or they can download Shazam to their Apple Watches and begin Shazaming.

Installing the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store is all that is required to begin using it.

Then, within the Shazam app, please open it and tap the big S logo to activate it.

When you press play, it will begin listening for a few seconds and then return to you with all of the pertinent information you’d need to know about the current song.

This includes the song’s title, album, and artist, as well as links to the track on the most popular streaming services (Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music), where you can listen to and purchase the song.

TIP: You can set Shazam to begin listening as soon as you open the app, reducing the number of times you could tap to identify a song to just one.

Shazam is typically a little faster and more accurate than SoundHound (discussed further below), but not significantly faster or more accurate than Siri or Google Assistant, for example.

Shazam is also accessible when not connected to the internet.

While listening to that new song you’re in love with and don’t have internet access at the time, when you tell Shazam to listen, it will tag the track and identify it later when you do have internet access.

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That ben said, there are some disadvantages to using Shazam. One of the most significant disadvantages is that it only recognizes original recordings of a song, which means it will not recognize a song that you hum, sing, or whistle.

Moreover, it does not support voice commands, which means that you will always have to pull out your phone and launch the app to name a song.

For those who don’t want to use their hands to start Shazam, there is a workaround in the form of setting the app to identify songs as soon as it opens, then using your phone’s assistant to start Shazam without using your hands.

For example, if you say “Hey Google, start Shazam” or “Hey Siri, start Shazam,” Siri will launch and begin attempting to identify the song currently playing. There is no need for hands!

Option 2: Make use of SoundHound.




SoundHound is yet another well-known application for song identification.

It functions in the same manner as Shazam, in that it allows you to identify any song by simply pressing a button.

  • Music can be discovered with just one tap.
  • Will be able to recognize songs that you sing or hum.
  • Hands-free operation is available.
  • When you hum or sing a song, accuracy isn’t as good as it could be.

Installing the SoundHound app after downloading it from its official website is required to use the app to identify a song.

Afterwards, launch the app, tap the large orange SoundHound button, and place your phone close to the sound source. SoundHound will then identify the song.

However, even though SoundHound and Shazam are very similar in their basic operation, there are two significant differences.

The first significant difference is that SoundHound can recognize songs when you hum or sing along with them.

Shazam is unable to perform this function. As long as your singing isn’t wildly out of tune, SoundHound will be able to tell you what song you’re singing along.

The second significant difference is that SoundHound is equipped with a hands-free mode. For example, suppose you’re driving, cooking, or otherwise unable to touch your phone.

In that case, you can simply say, “OK, SoundHound, what is this song?” and it will immediately begin listening and identifying the song.


Option 3: Consult with your phone’s virtual assistant.

If your phone is an iPhone or an Android phone, the most straightforward method of identifying a song that is playing is to simply ask your phone’s virtual assistant.

Siri is the name of the virtual assistant on the iPhone. It is referred to as the Google Assistant on Android devices.

On a Samsung Android phone, this feature is referred to as Bixby. All of these assistants have a built-in feature that asks, “What song is this?”

Here’s how you can make use of it:

01 While the song is playing, activate your phone’s personal assistant.

02 Once your phone assistant has been alerted, then say something along the lines of “What’s this song?” or say “Identify this song,” or “name this tune for me,” and then place your phone close to the source of the music.

03 Then, After a few seconds, your assistant would display the results with a detailed breakdown of information, such as the title, the artist, the album, and possibly the lyrics,

as well as a play button or a link to the song (for example, in Apple Music or YouTube Music), allowing you to listen to it, purchase it, or look for additional information.

TIP: If you have it enabled in your phone’s settings, you can complete all of these tasks without ever touching your phone – even if it’s asleep or locked.

Simply ask your phone, “Hey Siri, what’s this song?” (on an iPhone), “Hey Google, what’s this song?” (on an Android phone), or “Hi Bixby, what’s this song?” (on a Bixby device), and your phone will respond by waking up and identifying the song.

When you’re driving or cooking, this is perfect!

To configure your assistant so that it can continue to function even when your phone is locked, follow these steps:

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Select ‘Allow Siri When Locked’ from the Siri & Search section of the Settings menu on an iPhone.

For Android phones, go to Settings – Google – Search, Assistant & Voice – Voice – Voice Match – Voice Match and select ‘Access with Voice Match’ from the Voice Match drop-down menu.

NOTE: This procedure applies to stock Android, as developed by Google and made available on the Pixel smartphone.

Alternatively, if you have an Android phone from a different manufacturer, the procedure may be slightly different).

Open the Applications Menu on your Samsung phone go to Settings – Applications; then, in the search box, type Bixby and hit the enter button.

Bixby Voice will appear as a search result after you type something in. Toggle on ‘Use while the phone is locked’ by tapping the settings icon to the right of the screen.

Google’s Pixel phone takes song identification to an entirely new level: it automatically recognizes any song being played nearby and displays it on your lock screen!

(Even if you don’t have access to the internet.) So if you do forum shopping in the market for a new phone, consider the Pixel.

Currently, you can purchase a Google Pixel 4 XL – Just Black – 64GB – Unlocked (Renewed) for $344.75, which represents a 56 per cent savings over the device’s original price.

Which of the three phone assistants, Siri, Google Assistant, and Bixby, is the most effective at identifying songs?

Both Siri and Google Assistant are capable of quickly and accurately identifying songs – in many cases, just as quickly as the dedicated song identification apps discussed further down this page.

Siri uses the Shazam engine, making it just as fast and accurate as the Shazam app itself.

On the other hand, Google Assistant has been one of the company’s top development priorities for several years now. It is critical to their long-term objectives.

As a result, Google Assistant is usually on par with Shazam regarding accuracy.

Compared to Siri and Google Assistant, Bixby is less accurate and performs significantly slower than these digital assistants.

For all three phone assistants to identify songs, they must be connected to the internet.


Option 4: Purchase a Google Pixel smartphone.


Google Pixel.


Google’s Pixel phone takes song identification to an entirely new level: it automatically recognizes any song being played nearby and displays it on your lock screen! (Even if you don’t have access to the internet.)

So if you are in the market shopping for a new phone, consider the Pixel.


Pixel 4XL is a smartphone with a large screen.


Google Pixel 4.png


It is possible to purchase a Google Pixel 4 XL – Just Black – 64GB – Unlocked (Renewed) for $344.75, representing a 56 per cent savings over its original price.

Pixel 4a is the fourth Pixel on the screen.




Currently, the Pixel 4a is our top pick for the best budget smartphone available on the market.

The Pixel 5 is a smartphone developed by Google.


Google Pixel 5.png


For the best mid-range phone, we recommend the Google Pixel 5.


On eBay, you can purchase a Pixel.


In addition, you can purchase a Google Pixel on eBay, but before you do, subscribe to Coupert and install their browser extension. When you do make a purchase, you will receive a cash refund.


Option 5: Make use of a smart speaker.



Google Home Speaker.png


Google Home is a smart speaker which connects you to the internet.

It’s simple to ask, “Hey Google, what song is this?” and your Google Home smart speaker will tell you what song it is if it’s nearby and you like it (for example, a movie soundtrack).

You can also ask, “Hey Google, what’s this song?” to get more information from your Google Home smart speaker.


Amazon Echo is a voice-activated device.


 Amazon Echo.png


The Amazon Echo can also be of assistance.

The Echo is a smart speaker, and it does more than play music; it can also identify songs by their titles.

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Just say Turn on ID at any time to have your Echo identify a song for you. It would announce the title and artist of each song before it begins playing.

The functionality is less effective when the device is playing a radio station. It only provides you with the station’s name, not the song that is currently being played.

If you are a very active member, you can listen to music to your heart’s content from Amazon Music’s enormous catalogue of 30 million free songs.


Purchase one on eBay.

Additionally, you can purchase a smart speaker on eBay; however, subscribe to Coupert and install their browser extension before doing so. When you make a purchase, you would receive a cash refund.


Option 6: Post a question on WatZatSong.

If any of these methods listed above does not work and you absolutely MUST know what song it is, you can always post a question on the WatZatSong forum.

You post a recording of the song and as much information about it as you can, and then you wait for other music lovers to tell you the answer to your question.


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