Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Will No Longer Include A Sim Card Slot.


Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Will No Longer Include A SIM Card Slot.



Apple has unveiled its iPhone 13 lineup for the first time this year.

Although the devices are still in their early stages, we’re already hearing rumours and seeing leaks for the iPhone 14 series, which will be released the following year.

This morning, we’re moving even further into the future, thanks to the first reports of the iPhone 15, which have begun to surface.

According to the most recent information, the upcoming flagship will not include a physical SIM card slot starting with the iPhone 15 series in 2023, according to reports.

Blog do iPhone, a Brazilian news outlet, has published a new report on the subject.

According to the report, the iPhone 15 Pro models will not have physical SIM card slots when they are released in 2023.

Instead, they will rely solely on eSIM technology for all of their communication needs.

In addition, the source asserts that these iPhones will be equipped with dual eSIM functionality.

Users will be able to have two lines active simultaneously, which is unusual for iPhone users.

But it’s still not clear whether the non-Pro models will also rely solely on eSIM technology or will continue to use traditional SIM card slots.

This does not come as a huge surprise, especially in light of the addition of the eSIM.

Apple is basically one of the companies that are more focused on establishing eSIMs as a new standard than on other aspects of the technology.

The Watch lineup from the company is completely reliant on this new technology.

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Apple’s goal, according to rumours, is to transition to a portless design for its iPhones in the near future.

SIM ports will be removed, and in the future, the charging ports will be left behind as well, according to the company.

To achieve these goals, the company will need to rely on eSIM technology as well as wireless charging technology.

Now, the big question is how Apple will deal with the fact that eSIM is not widely available in many countries, which is a problem for the company.

As a result, the company may opt for a solution that does not require a SIM card and another that uses the traditional slot.

The iPhone 15 Pro is still several months away from being available for purchase.

The iPhone 14 series will be the primary focus for the time being, with the iPhone 15 possibly still in the sketches.

Before we consider anything official, we need to wait for reliable industry sources to come forward.

Apple has already announced that the iPhone 14 series will feature significant changes.

The new smartphones will have punch-hole displays, and fingerprint scanners may be integrated into the displays.

Of course, everything is based on rumours at the moment, and we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

However, since the release of the iPhone X, the 2022 iPhones are already preparing to make significant advancements in the smartphone industry.






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