What Are The Interesting iPhone Guidelines & Tricks In 2021?


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The Greatest iPhone Hacks, Guidelines & Tricks In 2021




Have you thought that there’s more to your iOS device than what Apple told you it should be? Well, you’re not mistaken!

This article will show you some iPhone Hacks, Tips, and Tricks that will shock you!


Even though Apple’s iOS is a simple and user-friendly mobile operating system, it contains a surprising amount of power hiding beneath the surface.

iOS users are always looking for new ways to personalize their devices and make the most of the available capabilities on their devices.

There are several iPhone Hacks, Tips, and Tricks accessible, making it the ideal operating system for the current age.

You don’t have to own the most recent iPhone 13 Pro Max to benefit from these iPhone tips, tricks, and hacks that can help you become a true iOS expert in 2021.

Apple iPhones started in 2007 running an unspecified operating system.

A year later, it got the boring nickname of “iPhone OS 1.” By 2010, the marketing people came up with “iOS,” early enough for version 4 to debut. We are now up to iOS 15.

The previous decade-plus has included many changes—from embracing steady apps and leaving skeuomorphism for flat images (in iOS 7) to finally taking up widgets last year.

Now, as an iPhone user, you might want to explore the endless possibilities for getting the maximum out of your iOS device.

These iPhone tricks and hacks will not only make you smarter but also change the way how you interact with your iPhone.

The best iPhone Hacks, Tips, and Tricks To Unlock The Full Potential of iOS. Apple iOS has so many features that no story or review can cover everything.

But we’ve put together our favorite iPhone hacks, tips, tricks, and secrets that you can put into action this very instant and become an iPhone expert in 2021.

These iPhone Hacks, Tips, and Tricks will make you familiar with unique features on your iPhone.

Thus, helping in using it to its full potential. So without further ado, here are the best iPhone hacks, tips, and tricks in 2021:



Shift Your Keyboard Left or Right

Do you want to type with just a thumb? A left or right-leaning option is available on the default iOS keyboard.

If you hold your thumb on the planet or emoji icon at the bottom of the keyboard (the globe will appear if you have three or more keyboards installed), a pop-up with a left-right keyboard choice will appear.

Is it possible to choose your option by tapping it? To get back to full screen, tap the arrow pointing in the opposite direction of your decision.

(Please take that this only works in Portrait Mode.)



To create a trackpad, press and hold the Space Bar.

You’re typing and like to move the cursor to effect a change to what you’ve written already.
Your fingers are already flying, so you might tap the screen.

By using the spacebar, you can keep them on the virtual keyboard.

As you drag your thumb tip around, you will see the keyboard go blank, so you can move the cursor whenever you want. Put your cursor as you wish and delete or type as you have to do.

Form or make text replacements

Got things you type over and over again? Head over to Settings – General – Keyboard -Text Replacement. Click the plus (+) icon on the top to put a phrase and a shortcut.

Whenever you type the shortcut in the future, the whole term (like “I’m on
the way home, leave me alone!”) will spring up on the keyboard’s text preview.

You can even use this hack to type a letter combo to bring up a frequently used combo of emoji.

Swipe Type to QuickPath

The vast majority of third-party iOS keyboards offer the capacity to swipe, a type that is, working with your hands around the keys without raising it to type words.

IOS 13 is also part of the Apple default keyboard in iOS. Apple calls it QuickPath.



Screenshot an Entire, Lengthy Web Page

You won’t know, but you can screenshot an entire, lengthy web page on your iPhone.

When taking a screenshot on your iPhone, you will see a thumbnail at the bottom left side to do the work of annotation.

Tap it to bring it to full screen. If you capture the shot when you are using the Safari browser, and the web page you are on extends past the size of the screen, look at the top, and you should find a tab that says Full page.

Tap it, and a slider will appear on the right displaying the whole page, even if you didn’t scroll through it all initially.

Sign Documents

Not everyone has a scanner and printer in their homes, but don’t fret.
The Cupertino-based brand offers an easy way to sign a document digitally.

Capture a screenshot of it and then tap on the thumbnail. On the lower right side, click or tap on the “Plus sign”.

One of the alternatives is Signature. Sign on the screen or use a stored one.
When you have a sig, hit Done and drag it up onto the document in the screenshot.
Put it, resize it, and save it to send.


Customize Settings Per Web Page

Some web pages appear impressive with default settings, and others don’t. Create settings per website, so for example, one site comes in with a larger font, while the rest are small.

Click on the font icon in the address bar when visiting a site. If you like, you can change the font size to what you like.

Click on Website Settings to see what is in it to specify if you want always to see the desktop version; jump right into the Safari Reader or disable all your content and advertising blockers.


Disable Your Microphone on Screen Recordings

To record your iPhone or iPad’s screen, go to Settings Control Center and ensure that you have checked Screen Recording under Included Controls.

If not, use the green + button at the bottom of the page. In your Control Center, a screen-recording button will appear. It’s possible that when you’re recording, it’s also recording audio around you.

That way, you’ll be able to record a voiceover. Long-press the button in Control Center if you’ll be adding Voice later or don’t require the Voice over.

Microphone Off or Microphone Onset will be displayed below, depending on your option.

Display Your Screen

Another option appears when you hold down the Screen Recording button in Control Center. You can either store your recording to an app (such as Photos) or do a direct broadcast.

Chat programs like Facebook Messenger, video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and even social-sharing networks like TikTok allow broadcasting.

Improve the quality of your Voice

You may reduce background noise in Voice Memos by using Enhanced Recording.

Make a recording, then select Edit Recording from the three-dot menu, tap the magic wand icon in the upper right, and then Done.


App Store

Forced App Updates on the App Store

Do you want to be sure your apps are constantly up to date? Check to see if the App Store is to auto-update apps.

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Toggle the switch next to Automatic Downloads in Settings App Store. Set it to Always Ask or again Ask if Over 200 MB. Suppose you’re concerned about data usage.

If you don’t want to wait for it, open the App Store app, tap your photo, slide down to update, and, if it shows, tap Update All.

(Pro tip: if you spot an app in that list that you no longer use, swipe it left side to delete it without having to search for it on your home screen.)

Unknown Callers Phone Silence Overwhelmed by robocalls? Silence unknown caller by using a simple iPhone technique.

Overwhelmed by robocalls? There is a simple iPhone trick that will let you silence
unknown callers. Head over to Settings Phone Silence Unknown Callers.

When that setting turns on, any number that’s not in your contact list, Siri suggestions, or recently called lists would be directed to voicemail.

A silent notification will let you know that a call was silenced; you can see the number that called you in your recent list option.

If you want to keep your line open to unknown callers, you should be using a secondary phone number via a second SIM card or VoIP burner account.

Make Calls Over Wi-Fi

If cellular service in your area is shaky, you can use Wi-Fi Calling feature to place calls through your home Wi-Fi network.

You will need a wireless carrier that supports it, but if it does, go to Settings in the Phone, then Wi-Fi to Calling to turn it on.

Be sure that set up an Emergency Address for your Phone; 911 centers can’t pinpoint locations for VoIP calls on the Phone.

You will know it’s on when you swipe to see the Control Center, and the word “Wi-Fi” appears next to your carrier’s name.

Hang Up Via Airplane

Hanging up on people, even when you want to, is not polite. When you are in a call and turn on Airplane mode, the call is cut off as if the call dropped.

iPhone users can use this Tip if they don’t want to look responsible.


Move Multiple Apps at Once

It is possible to group apps on the Home screen by moving one app on top of another to make a folder; it is pretty cool.

And in case you want to move a group of apps to another page on the home screen? Please, you should not do it one at a time.

Instead, you should hold down on one app until it goes all wiggly, then use another finger to tap a bunch of apps.

They will be grouped; you would see a number increase as they’re added.

Without taking off your finger, drag that stack to a new page and drop them all at once. It takes practice.

Change the Default Apps

The Cupertino-based company has long favored its apps, which means that links and emails default will be opening in the Mail app or Safari.

in the case of iOS 14, however, you can now change the default mail or browser app to something like Gmail or Chrome. Here’s the guide on how to set it up.

Hide a Page of Apps

Got some apps on the iPhone you wish to keep secret and do not want to delete?

Then put all of them on a single screen, hold your finger on the screen to enter the jiggle mode, then tap the home screen and scroll dots at the bottom.

You would get a page “Edit Pages interface”, which lets you turn off the view of the entire page of the apps.

This doesn’t delete or remove apps, and you can still swipe down to access Spotlight search and find the apps quickly. But it’s a quick way or step to keep some apps from prying eyes.

Drag the Volume

Before, you could only raise or lower the volume on your iPhone using the manual up and down increase or low buttons on the left side of the iPhone—which added a volume overlay on the screen.

Starting with iOS 13, Apple banished that large volume box for an unobtrusive slider.

When you click or press the volume button, you could equally tap on the slider to show the jams and take it down a notch.

That slider still features an icon if it’s playing on a speaker or via Bluetooth.

Three-Finger Symphony

This Hack has proven to be a blessing for many users. It can be used to undo a mistake in iOS quickly. Starting with iOS 13, you have a few options.

Swipe three fingers to the left Single-tap three fingers on the screen

Shake to undo

In some cases, this iPhone hack can save your life. Swiping to the left will undo, while a single tap at the top will produce or create a short toolbar with an undo curly arrow (along with cut/copy/paste and a redo button).

Shake to undo, on the other hand, may be inconvenient in some situations.

Therefore you should disable it in Settings – Accessibility -Touch – Shake to Undo and toggle it off.

Take the Night Shift

It would be beneficial if you didn’t look at your iPhone before going to bed—the blue light from your Phone does not aid sleep.

But because we all do it, go to Settings – Display & Brightness and enable Night Shift, which suppresses the blue wavelength of light on the screen.

It will give the screen a yellowish tinge (which you can adjust in Settings), which may make the video look a little weird, but it’s OK for reading.

Please set it to turn on at pre-determined hours and turn off in the morning, or turn it on manually until the next day.

Create a Lock Screen with Animations

It would help you if you didn’t look at your iPhone before going to bed that blue light doesn’t help you sleep.

To activate the Night Shift through Settings, Display & Brightness option; it reduces the blue wavelength of the light on the screen.

It would add a yellowish tint to the screen (which you can control in Settings), so it may make the video look a little off, but it’s OK for reading from.

Please set it to activate at a pre-scheduled time and then shut or close in the morning, or you can check manually by yourself, and turn it on until the following day.

Set an Animated Lock Screen

If you have any amusing Live Photos on your Phone that feature a few seconds of video, you may put one on your iPhone Lock Screen to see it anytime you take it out.

Choose a wallpaper by going to Settings – Wallpaper – Choose a Wallpaper. To see all of the Live Photos you’ve saved, scroll down to the Live Photos option.

Choose one and move it around with one finger, or zoom in and out with two fingers to get it exactly where you want it. To view what the animation will look like, press down on the screen with one finger.

Set Lock Screen – Set (If you choose Home Screen or Both, it will appear behind all the app icons on your iPhone’s home screen.)

To enjoy it, press and hold the screen to see the photo move before unlocking your Phone.
Icons, widgets and more may all be customized.

iOS now has (nearly) the same level of customization as Android. Read How to Add Custom Icons and Widgets to Your iPhone Home Screen with iOS 14 for more information.



Automatically share your Wi-Fi password.

Want to share your Wi-Fi password with someone else without having to write down a long string of numbers and letters?

Make sure that both you and your friends have their Bluetooth turned on. Then instruct them to access their Wi-Fi settings.

If they’re in your contacts list and running iOS (12 or later), iPad, or macOS (High Sierra or higher), a pop-up will show on their screen asking if they wish to share the Wi-Fi password for [network name] with [contact name].

That individual will be logged in after you tap Share Password.

Switching a Network or Bluetooth Connection Quickly

Stop searching through Settings every time you need to change a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection manually.

Swipe to access the Control Center instead. The connection buttons for Airplane mode, Cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are clustered on the top-left side.

Long-press the group to bring up a menu with them and AirDrop and Personal Hotspot buttons.

Hold down the Wi-Fi button to get a quick selection of all accessible networks; hold down the Bluetooth button to see a list of possible connections.


Change Siri’s Voice

Female voices have traditionally been the default for voice assistants. Since 2013, Siri has given users the choice to swap to a male voice, and the female voice is reportedly no longer the default.

However, go to Settings – Siri & Search – Siri Voice to change Siri’s voice after the event. Aside from that, there’s a generic American female voice.

You can choose a male or female voice with an Australian, British, Indian, Irish, or South African accent. Alternatively, set the language so that even if they sound Irish, they use American terms.

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Teach Siri Names

Siri occasionally gets names incorrect, especially when it comes to people in your contacts.

You have to correct her when she identifies it and ask if she should learn how to pronounce it.

“Hey, Siri, learn how to pronounce [name],” you can say. She’ll have you pronounce the name in your contact and give you options on the screen once she checks it’s the one you want. Please choose the one that she got right.

Locate the rest of your iOS devices

It will be simple to locate your iOS devices if they are all tied to the same Apple/iCloud account.

Say something like “Hey, Siri, discover my iPad” to the device you’re holding. The iPad will begin to play a chime, which should continue until you locate and switch off the machine.

Use the Find My app to discover yourself.



Swipe the Calculator to Remove Calculator Errors

A calculator app is included with every iOS device. It may be turned into a scientific calculator using this simple approach.

In landscape mode, your iPhone becomes a scientific calculator featuring exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions.

You can use the Clear button to delete your most recent entry or the All Clear button to delete all of your entries.

However, if you make a mistake and realize it, swipe. Any swipe in any way on the calculator’s top display deletes the last number you typed. Swipe to destroy several items in a row.

Calculate without using the calculator

Use the search bar if you need to do some quick and dirty addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.

Swipe from the center of the screen to access the search bar, type in operation, and the answer will appear at the top.

It’s adaptable enough to recognize that it can do multiplication with both an “x” and a “*” It can handle operations like 92% (which equals 81 because 9 squared is 81) and 9 percent 100; it displays as 9 (because 9 percent of 100 is 9 percent).

The Calculator app will open when you press Go on the keyboard.

iPhone x


Zoom Yourself

During a FaceTime chat, want to zoom in on your face? Double-tapping expands the thumbnail to full size. The person on the other end doesn’t get a zoom-in on anything.

Take a picture with your FaceTime.

To bring up the menu, tap the screen while speaking. Over the video, there is a round white shutter button.

If you click it, you’ll get a Live Photo of the person on the other end (the sort with Harry Potter-style motion).

Stop Making Eye Contact Against Your Will

Are you zooming in on your face during a FaceTime call? When you double-tap the thumbnail, it expands to its full size.

The other person on the receiving end of the line cannot zoom in on anything.
With your FaceTime, take a photo. While speaking, tap the screen to bring up the menu.

A round white shutter button is visible over the video. A Live Photo of the person on the other end will appear (the sort with Harry Potter-style motion).

Make Custom Ringtones for Each Contact

Want to know who’s calling without having to look at your phone? Assign your most frequent callers a personalized ringtone.

Fill in their contact information, then scroll down to Ringtone and hit Edit at the top. It will show you the entire list of ringtones that are available on your iPhone.

You’ll even see a list of original ringtones that came with the first iPhones if you click Classic at the bottom.

You may also use the alert tones on your phone for incoming texts. (If you don’t see the one you like, tap Tone Store to go to the iTunes store and purchase a tone for roughly $1.29.) In the same way, you can establish a custom Text Tone when in that contact.

Make Custom Good Vibrations

A unique ringtone won’t help you identify a caller or texter if your iPhone vibrates. Assign a specific vibration pattern to frequent interactions.

Tap Ringtone again on the contact list, then Vibration at the top. It’s most likely set to default.

Available are a few alternatives there, such as “Alert,” “Heartbeat,” and “Symphony.” However, by clicking Create New Vibration, you can make your own.

Tap a pattern on the following screen. Stop, then Save, and then give it a name. Return to the Ringtone screen and click Done to complete the process.

Create an SOS Contact

To begin, double-check that your most critical connections are included in your contacts.

If you have an issue, go to Health, click the face icon, then Medical ID – Edit – Emergency Contacts to designate one or more people as emergency SOS person(s). (SOS also alerts the authorities.)

In the Contacts list, a red asterisk icon will now appear next to them. Press down the power button on the right and one of the volume buttons on the left at the same time to send an SOS.

You can either utilize the Emergency SOS slider or maintain holding the controls—a countdown will begin, an alert will sound, and messages will be sent to your emergency contacts if the call to 911 is successful.


Image: Apple Camera
Image: Apple Camera

Shutter Buttons can be used as Volume Buttons.

You don’t need to utilize the screen button if you’re in the camera app. To take a picture, press either of the volume buttons. It can also start and stop video recording.

If you have wired earbuds linked to your iPhone, you can perform the same thing by utilizing the volume buttons on the wire as a remote shutter.

While filming a video, take a picture.

This iPhone hack lets you shoot a shot while simultaneously recording a video without switching camera modes.

When recording a video, there’s a big red button in the center that starts and stops the recording and a white button next to it that’s closer to the corner.

This white button allows you to take a photo while the video is still playing.

Hidden QR Code Scanner

A QR scanner is included in the Camera app, but Apple also has a dedicated QR code scanner app for rapid access.

A code scanner app will emerge if you swipe down from the top of the screen and type the code scanner. To open it, tap it and take a snapshot of a QR code.

Lock Camera Focus

As you move or your subject moves, the iPhone refocuses instantly in the Camera app.

If you don’t want that, place your finger on the region you wish to focus on the screen—you’ll know it’s working when it says AF Lock at the top.

Mirror Selfies

Take a look at yourself in the iPhone’s front camera. To make it normal for humans who are used to seeing their reflection, you see a mirror image.

When you capture a photo or video, the image is flipped, giving the impression that someone is standing behind the camera.

That’s what you generally desire. If you don’t have Mirror Front Camera enabled, go to Settings – Camera and enable it.

Changes in a Hurry

To acquire a burst mode of numerous images, you first had to hold your finger down on the white shutter button.

Holding your finger on the button now starts filming a video until you release it in iOS 14. (Drag it to the right to keep it going without having to use your finger.)

A Burst is still available—it’s a terrific method to capture still shots of things in motion. Keep your finger on the button and move it to the left.

You can also make it happen in Settings – Camera – Use Volume Up for Burst.

Strip Data from Photos to Share

When you send photographs directly from the Photos app to almost anybody or any service, they include all of the data collected when the image was taken, including location data.

Now, click the Share Button, but before you send or share, go to the top and choose Options.

Stripping off the GeoIP metadata that specifies the location is one of the choices.

If you select All Photo Data, you’ll lose everything you’ve done so far, including your edit history, cropping, filters, and Live Photo effects.



You can scan multiple pages into a PDF

When you press and hold your finger on the Notes app icon, a menu of options appears, including adding a new note, creating a new checklist, and even scanning a document.

This is a valuable feature, as it allows you to take a picture of all the pages in a physical document and sew them together into one long PDF.

You may then go into the app and look at it page by page or share it with others.


Draw a Note

You might want to scribble a note or even draw it. There are more expensive programs for this, but the Notes application can handle it.

Click the pen nib icon in any message, new or old, to bring up a selection of writing tools at the bottom—a marker, highlighter, or pencil, as well as an eraser and a lasso to grab complete parts of the drawing.

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You can change the line thickness by holding your finger down on the tool.

To modify the color and opacity of your virtual connection or lead, use the color wheel.

Password Protect a Note

To begin, navigate to Settings – Notes – Password. Please enter a password, verify it, and offer yourself a hint by tapping either iCloud or On My Phone, depending on where you keep your most important notes.

You can also require Touch ID or Face ID to open messages (depending on your iPhone), but this still necessitates entering a password.

This does not create a password for your Notes app right away. To lock down a specific note on a slide, left and hit the lock icon within the app.



Draw Your Message

You might wish to send a pal a hand-drawn image now and then. You don’t have to draw on paper and photograph it. Turn your phone around.

The keyboard would display an icon that looks like a hand-drawn loop when you’re in a Messages thread. It will open a blank canvas for you to sketch on (only in black “ink”).

Pre-written options are listed at the bottom, and whatever you send will be added to the list as well. To remove a pre-written note, press and hold your finger on it.

Read time stamps on iMessage

iMessages don’t show time stamps. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to see when each message was sent. Drag the message screen to the left – the timestamps show up when you do.

Name a Group

Any valuable message service should have IGroup messaging. You now have enough power over a thread with other iOS or macOS users to name the conversation.

You may also give the group an overarching emoji or Memoji for quick access. To offer a Group Name, click where it says “X persons” under the symbol, then go to Info > Change Name and Photo.

There’s also a section with avatar possibilities.

If you don’t like them, pick one nevertheless and replace it with any emoji on the next screen.

(This won’t work if there’s a non-iOS user in the group, such as someone with an Android phone.) Any decent message service will provide group messaging as a feature.

You have adequate control over naming the conversation in a thread with other iOS or Mac OS users. You may also give the group an overarching emoji or Memoji for quick access.

To offer a Group Name, click where it says “X persons” under the symbol, then go to Info > Change Name and Photo.

There’s also a section with avatar possibilities. If you don’t like them, pick one nevertheless and replace it with any emoji on the next screen.

(This won’t work if there’s a non-iOS user in the group, such as someone with an Android phone.)

Messages in a Group Chat Thread

Like a Slack channel, group conversations in the Messages app can get out of hand when everyone starts talking at the same time.

Instead, make a thread for your responses. While typing a response, hold your finger on a certain message and touch Reply. Everything else becomes greyed out while you type.

A tiny thread appears at the bottom of the page once the message has been sent. (Keep in mind that it’s not private—anyone in the group can see and respond to the threaded response.)



Enhance Password Security

If you keep multiple passwords in your iOS, whether for apps or website visits, iOS 14 contains Security advice or instructions that are handy or close by.

It’ll notify you if a password was used in a known data breach or leak, and it’ll advise you to change it if you have several passwords (which is a big no-no).

Settings Passwords Security Recommendations is where you’ll find this.


Set up an alphanumeric passcode

Besides the Face ID and Touch ID on the iPhone, there is also a six-digit passcode that you need to set up when you are setting up the other options.

While most use just numbers, Apple gives you the ability to make your iPhone even more secure by using an alphanumeric passcode instead of a numeric one.

To do this, head over to ‘Settings’, tap on ‘Touch ID & Passcode, tap on ‘Change Passcode’, then tap on ‘Passcode Options link’ and select ‘Custom Alphanumeric Code.

Hide Your Precise Locale Smartphones keep track of both what you do and where you are. Some of it should be blocked.

Go to Options – Privacy – Location Services to see the settings for each app; turn off Precise Location in each one.

Some programs require precise coordinates, while the majority do not.

Rating nags should be turned off.

Do you get annoyed when apps keep asking you to rate them? They need it to improve their App Store ranking, but it might be unpleasant.

Turn off In-App Ratings & Reviews in Settings – App Store.

Face ID should be enabled (hopefully) through the use of a mask.

We are living in the COVID era, and many of us will continue to hide our identities in the future.

Apple has yet to adjust Face ID to fully support wearing a mask, but there is optimism for an impending feature that will allow Apple Watch users to unlock while wearing a mask.

Face ID is currently designed to work with the eyes, nose, and mouth visible to the camera.

Because it only covers the tip of your nose and half of your mouth, fold a mask in half and scan half of your face with it.

It’s possible that you’ll get errors, so move it about a little to get it to scan. Then test it with your mask fully on to check whether it works.



Find Out What Song is Playing

Ask Siri if you want to know what music is playing.

Still, if you want to know what song is playing in a video on your iPhone or what song your device is playing, you may use the Shazam Music Recognition feature, which you can enable in Control Center by tapping the Shazam button.

Search for songs by lyrics.




Questions People Also Ask:




Hоw саn I mаke my iРhоne mоre interesting?

17 сооl things yоu didn’t knоw yоur iРhоne 7 соuld dо
The seсret mаgnifying glаss.
Vоiсemаil trаnsсriрtiоn.
Сhаnge the brightness оf the flаshlight.
Edit live рhоtоs.
Сlоse аll tаbs in Sаfаri.
Аsk Siri tо tаke а selfie.
Dооdle оn yоur рhоtоs.


Whаt is iРhоne seсret menu?



Dоes iРhоne hаve а seсret mоde?

Hоw tо turn оn Рrivаte Brоwsing. Орen Sаfаri оn yоur iРhоne оr iРоd tоuсh. Tар the new раge buttоn. Tар Рrivаte, then tар Dоne.


Hоw dо yоu seсretly text оn iРhоne?

Hоw tо hide Text Messаges оn iРhоne
Gо tо yоur iРhоne Settings.
Find Nоtifiсаtiоns.
Sсrоll dоwn аnd find Messаges.
Under the Орtiоns seсtiоn.
Сhаnge tо Never (messаge will nоt shоw оn lосk sсreen) оr When Unlосked (mоre useful sinсe yоu likely wоuld be асtively using the рhоne).


Hоw dо I find my iРhоne seсret соde?

The number саn аlsо соme in hаndy if yоur iРhоne is lоst оr stоlen, аllоwing the hаndset tо be identified.
Tо find yоur iРhоne IMEI number, enter *#06#.
Yоu dо nоt hаve tо рress the green diаl buttоn.
First, enter *67 (оr, if yоu’re оutside the U.S., try #31#).
Nоw enter the рersоn’s number inсluding the аreа соde.


Hоw саn u hide the nаme оf рersоn texting yоu оn iРhоne?

Steр 1 Gо tо “Settings – Nоtifiсаtiоns – Messаges”. Steр 2 Turn оff “Shоw оn Lосk Sсreen” tо disаble nаme disрlаying оn lосk sсreen.


Whаt is а bаdge оn iРhоne?

Bаdges аre the red сirсles with numbers thаt shоw uр оn арр iсоns, fоr exаmрle, the оne оn yоur emаil арр shоwing hоw mаny unreаd messаges yоu hаve.


Dоes hiding аlerts blосk рhоne саlls?

With this setting enаbled, аnd with Dо Nоt Disturb асtive, yоu will reсeive аbsоlutely nо nоtifiсаtiоn bаnner, sоund, оr vibrаtiоn while yоu аre using yоur iРhоne. Yоu will оf соurse still reсeive messаges аnd рhоne саlls, but yоu will nоt be nоtified they аre соming in аny wаy.




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