Tips On Sending A Message To Group Of Contacts On WhatsApp


Tips On How To Send Or Forward A Message To A Group Of Contacts On WhatsApp


In addition to being available in over 180 countries, WhatsApp has over 2 billion registered users and sends over 100 billion messages every day.

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most renowned messaging applications, and it is available in over 2 billion nations.

In addition to status updates, the platform includes search functionality and encryption to ensure that your Message is kept safe and secure.

It may be used for various tasks such as chatting, video and audio calling, voice messages, and image sharing. It can be an excellent supplement to any company’s text messaging strategy.

Your customers might be using other messaging apps or have not downloaded WhatsApp should be kept in mind.

As a result, WhatsApp should be integrated into your enterprise messaging as a complementary channel to the native messaging app like SMS or RCS, rather than as a replacement for it.

A multichannel communication and messaging platform allows you to send messages to your customers or several recipients simultaneously using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has three options that allow users to send messages to numerous recipients at the same time.


Group conversations.

The group chat tool, which is perhaps WhatsApp’s most famous feature, allows administrators to establish groups of individuals and message them all at the same time.

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Make use of the feature to divide your consumers into distinct categories.

For example, a food truck might divide its customers into geographical groups and then send out messages to let individuals in different parts of the country know that they should come out and grab a bite to eat.

It is possible to configure group messaging for WhatsApp in a variety of methods. You can configure it so that only the group’s administrator can share posts, or you can make it so that anybody can write.

Groups have a name, which makes it simple for your recipients to understand what they are receiving when they get messages.

You may also include a logo or image to help personalize the discussion.

Administrators can add recipients to their groups or send out an invitation link to others who have not yet joined.

You could also use that link on your website or in your email marketing to assist in the growth of your groups.

When working in groups, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

First and foremost, everyone in the group gets access to the phone numbers posted in the group, even in groups where only an administrator has permission to add information.

First and foremost, each communication that is sent out is visible to everyone, and it can only be erased by the person who sent it out.

Third, individuals have the option to withdraw from the group at any moment.

As with any text messaging campaign, be careful to obtain your recipients’ consent before including them in the group, and make certain that the messages you deliver are of value to them.

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Broadcasting Schedules

The use of broadcast lists has some of the advantages of group chats, but it also has some problems.

The most basic definition of a broadcast list is a list of recipients who are all sent a single message at the same time.

The Message’s recipients can respond to you personally, without the Message being seen by anybody else.

There is no configuration required, and the name displayed in the chat window will be the same as the name displayed on the recipient’s phone.

The most significant disadvantage of using Broadcast Lists is that your Message will only be seen by those who already have your contact information stored in their phone’s contact list.

Your messages will not be received if you are not present on their phone, thus this strategy is only useful if you are certain that your recipients have previously saved your contact information.

If you already have a Broadcast List, you may access it by clicking on the Broadcast List link at the top of your chat window.

You’ll see a list of all of the Broadcast Lists that you’ve created. Select the list that you wish to use, type your Message, and then click Send Message to send it.

Simple tap New List at the bottom of the screen, enter your recipients’ names and tap Create to begin creating a new list of people to contact. Once you’ve finished typing your Message, hit the “send” button.

In order to exchange messages with big groups of people without allowing everyone to access your contact list and without subjecting all of your recipients to irrelevant answers from people on your contact list, broadcast lists are a terrific option.

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Messages that are forwarded

The final method of communicating with huge groups of individuals is to send a message to them all at once.

Take Message from one chat window and press and hold it until an options menu appears.

After you click Forward, you will be able to select which group or individual on your phone will receive the Message. There are many benefits for using this practice.

First and foremost, unlike Broadcast Lists, where your Message is exclusively delivered to those who are already in contact with you, anybody who clicks on your link will receive a forwarded message.

Second, you are not obligated to deliver a forwarded message to a pre-determined list of recipients. You can just select the appropriate recipients and send the Message to them.


A Highly Effective Communication Tool

Integrating WhatsApp into your customer relations plan provides you with an additional communication channel for communicating with huge groups of customers.



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