How Can I Share Books On Kindle With Another Adult?


How Can I Share Books On Kindle With Another Adult?




If you are sharing a Kindle with a second adult, the process is simple. All you have to do is give the other adult full access to the books.

You can manage shared Kindle books in the Manage Your Content and Devices section of your Amazon account. You can select which devices and books you want to share.

The loan period for a shared book is 14 days. Once you’ve chosen a recipient, the books will be delivered to their Kindle devices.

Book Loan Period Is 14 Days

To lend a book on Kindle, sign in to your Amazon account and select Manage Your Content and Devices.


On the Manage Your Content and Devices page, click on the ‘Loan’ link and enter the email address of the recipient.

Once a borrower accepts the invitation, the recipient will receive an email containing the book’s download link.

If the borrower decides to return the book early, they may delete it from their Kindle library or Manage Content and Devices.

The Kindle lending feature has been around for years, but not all books can be lent. It’s still useful, however, if you want to share a book.

The lending feature allows you to lend a book to someone for 14 days. Once the loan period expires, the borrowed book will return to its owner.

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If you don’t finish reading the book within 14 days, it will automatically return to you. Using a lending service on a Kindle is as simple as lending a book from your local library.

Amazon will send you courtesy reminders about the end of your loan, so you’ll be reminded to return the book on time.

Once the loan period expires, Amazon will send an e-mail to both parties. Amazon currently allows lending on Kindle in the United States and select countries around the world.

Sharing Books With Non-Family Members

Using the Amazon Household account is the easiest way to share Kindle books with non-family members.


It lets you tell Amazon more about your household members, including children and spouses. Once they are added to your household account, they will be able to view the books in your library.

The process of sharing books with non-family members is similar to the one used for sharing with family members. To share books with non-family members, follow the steps below.

To share books with non-family members, simply select their profile and account from the list. If the person you want to share the books with is already an Amazon user, they’ll receive an invitation mail from you.

When they accept the invitation, you’ll be added to the person’s Amazon family. You can also share Kindle games and apps with them.

You can also share your library with other Amazon users. Using Amazon Household to share Kindle books is another great way to share content with family members.

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When sharing a library, make sure you give access to all Kindle e-books. This way, everyone can enjoy the same book without interruptions.

You can also share Kindle e-books with non-family members, as long as they own a Kindle.

Just remember that you must grant permission to each member to access your Library before you can share books with them.

Sharing books With A Second Adult

Share your Kindle library with another adult.

Share Books On Kindle

You can share books and audiobooks with other adults using the Kindle app. This allows you to share your entire book collection or specific books with just one person.

You can also choose which books to share with the other adult by choosing a book from the list or nearby page. After sharing the books with the other adult, they can read them and enjoy them as well.

To share books on Kindle with a second adult, go to the Manage Content and Devices section. Click the Invite Adult/Child button.

Enter the other adult’s email address and password. If the child does not have an Amazon account, they can create one by following the same steps as the first adult.

In most cases, the Kindle lending process will only take a few minutes. Once the other adult has an account, they can share books via email.

If you have a family account with Amazon, you can share your books with a second adult. Simply sign in and go to your account dashboard.

Select the Manage content and devices option. On the Manage content and devices page, look for the shared library. You can then add your second adult to your account.

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Make sure that you share your Amazon account password and debit/credit card details. If you have a family account with Amazon, you can also add your second adult to it.







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