Choosing Social Media Handles For Your Business

Choosing Social Media Handles For Your Business

Choosing Social Media Handles For Your Business


There are some things to keep in mind while choosing your social media handles. You should use a short, simple handle and avoid using numbers.

Also, you should use the same handle on all platforms. Avoid using long, complex handles and use the same one on all platforms.

Following these tips will help you choose a social media handle that people will remember.

And remember: social media handles shouldn’t take up much space, and they should be easy to spell.

Avoiding Numbers In Usernames

While a few social media websites do not allow numbers in usernames, most will allow you to use similar letters or symbols.

By avoiding numbers and symbols, you will improve the compatibility of your name across all of your social media accounts.

Plus, using letters will make it easier for users to remember. Avoiding numbers in your social media usernames will improve your brand’s reputation.

Here are some tips to avoid making the mistake. For example, you should avoid using underscores in your Instagram username.

As they require more keystrokes on your phone, they might end up being lost in links and confusing people.

Repeating letters or numbers in your username can lead to errors, which will lead to confusion. And, don’t use fad terms in your social media usernames.

While they might be appropriate for some niches, you should avoid using them unless they’re genuinely unique to your brand.

Easy To Spell Social Media Handles

Creating easy-to-spell social media handles for your business is essential for generating word-of-mouth interest and retaining customers.

While a complex name or business name is fine for a personal account, avoid using it for your company. Use abbreviations instead.

Make sure your handle is easy to pronounce as well. In addition, try not to add too many extra characters. This way, you won’t be losing potential customers.

While a long username may catch people’s attention for a while, it’s also harder to remember and spell. It’s also easier to make a typo with long usernames.

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To avoid spelling mistakes, choose usernames with simple terms such as “The Real” or “I Am.”

Alternatively, try using an abbreviation. On social media, using a catchy term can make a good impression.

While picking an easy to spell handle is an important step for branding, you should also be sure that your handle is available across all the major platforms.

Test a few of your top choices on a variety of platforms. Choose one that fits your business or brand name and is available on all your accounts.

However, if the username you’re considering is already taken, you’ll have trouble finding it elsewhere. So, it’s best to stick with something original and easy to spell.

Another thing to remember when selecting a handle is the length of the handle. Make sure it’s no longer than 15 characters. Ideally, your social media handles are 15 or less.

You can also use abbreviations and words, such as photographer or artist.

On Pinterest, the maximum length for a handle is 15 characters, while Twitter allows for a maximum of two hashtags.

If you’re unsure of the length of your handle, you can check it online using tools such as Namechk.

Choosing Social Media Handles For Your Business

Using The Same Handle On All Platforms

When branding your business, it’s best to use the same social media handle across all platforms.

This will make it easier for users to find you online and on printed materials.

You’ll also be more memorable to potential clients and customers if you have the same handle across all of these channels. A few tips:

Be consistent. If your business uses a domain name, use that for your social media usernames and handles.

Your social media handles will be easy to remember and more consistent for your customers to recognize you.

You may also want to consider using icons, such as emojis, to represent your different platforms. You should also use the same handle across all platforms to avoid confusion.

If you’re unsure if your name is already taken, use the tools below. Choose a username that’s available across all of the major social media platforms.

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Make a list of your top choices and test them on each platform to see which one is the best.

Once you’ve found one that works well across all platforms, try it out on all of the other accounts.

This will ensure that you have a handle that’s unique and easy to spell across all accounts. This way, you’ll never have to worry about confusion or duplicated accounts.

When choosing a handle for your social media accounts, try to avoid using your own name as the username.

It’s important to be as consistent as possible, as this will make it easier for users to find you and interact with your content.

A simple way to find a unique handle is to sign up for Twitter, check whether there are any active accounts with the same username, or ask a friend to use one for you.

While selecting a handle, make sure that it is available across all platforms. A uniform handle will make it easier for people to remember and will look professional on marketing materials.

A consistent handle will also make it easier for people to recognize your brand.

In addition to being more memorable, a matching handle will help you get the most from your marketing efforts, especially if you’re using printed materials.

So, use a consistent social media handle on all platforms to maximize your exposure.

Avoiding Long Social Media Handles

Choosing a long social media handle for your brand is not only annoying for customers but also difficult to remember.

You’ll want to pick a short handle that demonstrates your personality while keeping it simple and memorable.

If you’re not able to choose a short handle, use a nickname, such as @macaulayculkin, to convey an approachable and laid-back personality.

Similarly, keep your handle clean and non-colorful to establish your reliability and trustworthiness.

The New York Times’ @nytimes handle, for example, shows that it is a reliable, trustworthy company.

Using a social media handle generator is an easy way to generate a good username for your brand.

There are several free tools available online, such as BNG and Jimpix, which will give you a list of social media handles suitable for your brand.

If you’re still not able to think of a short handle, consider using your first and last names, or a personal brand name. Using an acronym is also a good way to shorten your name.

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Using a uniform handle across all your social media accounts is an easy way to avoid confusion. It also helps you create branding materials that look cleaner.

By following the tips above, you’ll be on the right track to picking a handle for your brand.

And remember to keep it short! You don’t have to use long handles – and you can still choose a long one if you’re a business.

Using a shorter Twitter or Instagram handle will make it easier to remember and tag others.

In addition, the length will make it easier for your followers to remember and tag you if they happen to be looking for the same thing.

But you’ll also have to pay more if you use a long handle. Using a short handle on social media accounts will save you time and effort, and keep your account’s reputation intact.

Another option is to use your brand name in the social media handles. By doing this, you’ll avoid getting blocked by people who are searching for your brand name.

While choosing a long handle will give people more chances to find you, it can also cause confusion and lead to frustration.

It can even lead people to leave your account if they can’t find the website.

If you’re not sure how to come up with a unique name, try using a free business name generator from Shopify.

By entering keywords related to your brand, you’ll be provided with dozens of AI-automated names.







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