Can The New Samsung Z Flip 3 Be A Reliable Phone For 5 Years?


Do You Think The New Samsung Z Flip 3 Will Be A Dependable Phone That Will Last Me For At Least 5 Years?



The Review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G: Eventually, a foldable worth buying.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is a reasonably priced foldable flagship that should appeal to the general public.

In light of the disastrous debut of the first Samsung Galaxy Fold in 2019 and the defective Motorola Razr the previous year, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G confronts a challenging assignment.

It will have to show that this future form factor is finally ready for mass adoption. Things, on the other hand, are off to a positive start.

While the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is still out of reach for many due to its premium price, which is poised to exceed four figures, it is a clear indication that folding phones aren’t going away anytime soon, thanks to its long list of improvements.

Nonetheless, it should be emphasized that this is likely to be the first one worth purchasing.


What You Have To Know About The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G.

In any case, even if Samsung’s “Galaxy Unpacked” presentation on August 11 was devoid of the Note and there were no signs of a new model, it’s evident that the company is attempting to make foldable phones more accessible with the third-generation Flip and the Fold.

This year’s model has seen a significant amount of improvement thanks to work done by the design team.

Aside from being a competitor to the bigger and more expensive Fold 3, the Flip 3 is also the first waterproof foldable with an IPX8 rating, making it a viable alternative to the larger and more expensive Fold 3.

It also boasts more scratch resistance foldable screen and a new metal frame and hinge that are both stronger and longer-lasting.

Furthermore, the phone’s 6.7-inch FHD+ primary screen now supports a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, while the phone’s cover display has been increased in size by four times over its predecessor.

For its part, the Z Flip’s obsolete Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor has been updated by the Snapdragon 888, which now offers 8GB of RAM and an option of 128GB or 256GB of internal storage.

In contrast to the Fold 3, the Flip 3 has only two back cameras identical to those seen on the previous year’s model.

There is a 12MP, f/1.8 main camera below a 12MP, f/2.2 ultrawide lens with a 123-degree field of view, and a 10MP, f/2.4 selfie camera on the inside of the phone.

This is inserted in a hole-punch notch strategically located in the middle of the board.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G Price And Competition.

The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G begins from £949 for the 128GB variant, which represents a considerable discount of £350 when compared to the previous year’s model.

Although the 2020 Flip arrived with double the standard capacity (256GB), this new low pricing is still a fantastic deal compared to the previous model.

Apart from that, if you really want 256GB of storage, it would only cost you £50 more (£999).

If you prefer to spread the expense over the length of a 24-month contract, Carphone Warehouse’s rates start at roughly £43 per month with an upfront payment of £130 and 100GB of monthly data, with pricing starting at around £43 per month.

This particular contract has a total lifetime amount of £1,162, which is somewhat less expensive compared with the starting price of an iPhone 12 Pro plan with half the monthly data (£1,250) compared to other comparable contracts.

Taking this into consideration, while there are plenty of “normal” non-folding alternatives to select from, such as the iPhone 12 Pro (£999), the incoming Sony Xperia 5 III (£899), and Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Plus (£999), there isn’t much in the way of foldable competition.

In terms of direct competition, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G is the most obvious choice.

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However, its flip-to-open tablet form factor offers slightly different benefits and comes in at a whopping £1,599.

Also on the market is the 2020 Motorola Razr, which, although having weaker specifications, a somewhat higher price o(£1,399), and a less-impressive design, does not come close to competing with the Samsung Galaxy Flip3.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G Design And Important Features.

The Flip 3 5G has the same design concept as its predecessors in terms of appearance and functionality.

With the phone folded, it’s half the size of a standard phone, and you only get access to the large internal screen when you flip the phone open.

The most important improvement this time around is that it has waterproofing that is rated at IPX8 level of protection.

Consequently, it can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5m; nevertheless, it does not have any rated protection against dust particles, as indicated by the setup caution, which warns that “exposure to small particles such as sand may cause damage to the device.”

That isn’t the only improvement made in the area of durability, though.

A new protective film has been added to the inside screen of this year’s Flip, as has been done with the Fold 3, which according to Samsung, makes it 80 per cent more scratch-resistant than last year’s model.

The cover screen has also been strengthened greatly, thanks to a layer of Gorilla Glass Victus protecting it.

Also of note is that the metal frame and hinge of both of Samsung’s newest foldable are constructed from a brand new material known as “Armour Aluminium.”

According to the marketing hype, it is claimed that this increases durability by 10% over the previous model.

Finally, the Flip 3 5G is available in a bewildering assortment of colour variations, including phantom black, green, lavender, cream, white, pink, and grey.

The latter three types are accessible only on Samsung’s website (the others are available elsewhere).

So, how does it feel to use it, exactly? Following my testing of both of Samsung’s latest foldable devices, I have come to prefer the Flip3, owing to its more pocketable size and design.

The phone adopts a square aspect ratio when folded in half, making it easier to fit into small pockets or handbags.

A small cover screen on the outside allows you to quickly glance at notifications without opening the phone.

In spite of its unusually long and tall 22:9 aspect ratio, the Z Flip 3 performs indistinguishably from any other ordinary smartphone when it is fully opened.

It’s small and lightweight, measuring just 6.9mm in thickness, and it fits well in one hand.

While the inside screen has been strengthened to withstand accidental fingernail scrapes in the past, it remains soft to the touch, and it may not look as good a few months down the road if you drop your phone on it.

Aside from the fact that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G’s side-mounted power button also serves as a fingerprint sensor, I appreciate the floating dock on the side of the screen, which can be used to access a list of pre-selected apps quickly and conveniently.

Although the folding mechanism is convenient, the finest feature is that it allows you to aggressively hang up on phone conversations simply by closing it, much like you used to be able to back in the day.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G Inner And Outer Displays Are Excellent.

The Flip 3’s internal screen is the same size and resolution as last year’s model, except for one pixel: it’s a 6.7in FHD+ (2,640 x 1,080) display with a pixel density of 426ppi and is the same size and resolution as last year’s model.

This year, though, Samsung is referring to it as “Dynamic AMOLED 2X,” which refers to its improved capacity to handle refresh rates of up to 120Hz, which is far higher than previous generations.

That isn’t the only improvement to the display, either. Furthermore, the AMOLED screen on the front cover of the Z Flip3 has been increased in size from 1.1in on the previous year’s model to 1.9in on the Z Flip 3.

With four times the screen size, it can display up to four notifications on the screen simultaneously, with the opportunity to scroll down for additional notifications.

It is used to prompt you to utilize the fingerprint reader while making a payment with Samsung Pay, and it may also be used to tweak fast access settings like the screen brightness.

Aside from weather information, step count, and music playback buttons via Spotify and Samsung Music, widgets can also be displayed on the cover screen.

Furthermore, if you are wearing a Galaxy Watch 4 or Watch 4 Classic, the Flip3’s cover screen can be customized to match the watch face you are currently wearing.

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When you open it up, you’ll find that the Z Flip 3’s internal screen is quite excellent, albeit not quite accurate in terms of colour fidelity.

While using the auto-brightness option, the brightness reaches a maximum of 567cd/m2 in everyday use, and it reaches a stunning maximum of 998cd/m2 when playing back high dynamic range (HDR) material. Contrast is, of course, flawless in its execution.

The only blemish on the Z Flip 3’s otherwise spotless medical report is that its colour accuracy isn’t quite up to pace with the best in the business.

As a result of my tests with the Natural profile, which I found the most colour accurate, the average Delta E was just 2.37, while the best smartphone displays are closer to a score of 1 or below.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G Performance And Battery Life.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Smartphone is powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 888 processor, paired with 8GB of RAM and with 128GB or 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage, depending on the model.

The Flip3 5G features two 1,650mAh batteries with a combined power or capacity of 3,300mAh and only supports one nano-SIM and one eSIM.

The Flip3 5G comes in two colours: black and white. The Flip3 5G comes in two colours: black and white.

It is believed that performance will be rapid and efficient in general.

The Flip3 5G’s speeds are among the finest in the business, as shown in the Geekbench 5 graph below, indicating that it provides nonstop performance.

Every facet of everyday use, from opening applications to navigating menus, is fluid and lightning-fast, with the 120Hz refresh rate adding a gloss to the overall experience.

The gaming capabilities of the Flip3 5G are equivalent to those of other smartphones.

Onscreen testing with GFXBench Manhattan 3 provided an average frame rate of 105 frames per second (a challenging feat), and I was able to play several games with it, from Call of Duty:

Mobile to Genshin Impact and Arlo’s Adventure, and they all ran smoothly and looked nice to me.

Unfortunately, unlike its bigger sibling, the Z Flip3 5G’s battery life was disappointing, falling short by several hours.

The Z Flip3 5G succumbed to its fate after 15 hours and 54 minutes of movie playback (with the display adjusted to a preset brightness and flight mode while playing a looped video until the battery gauge approaches zero).

Even the iPhone 12 Pro outperformed the Fold3 5G in terms of battery life, which lasted an additional two and a half hours.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G: Cameras

There have been no changes in the Z Flip3 5G camera capabilities.

It retains a pair of 12MP cameras on the front cover, with one of them being an ultrawide camera with a 123-degree field of view and an LED flash.

When you unfold the Flip, you’ll see that the selfie camera is a straightforward 10MP affair placed in a central notch.

Even if, at first sight, the cameras on the Z Flip3 5G appear to be of average quality, they turn out to be rather good.

As a general rule, all of the photographs I’ve taken with my primary camera have turned out well. They have plenty of detail, subdued saturation, and a good degree of contrast in good and bad lighting.

Occasionally, it even manages to exceed the iPhone 12 Pro in terms of image quality, most notably when it comes to landscape shots taken just as the sun is beginning to set.

When it comes to the ultrawide camera, the results are less than stunning, with a discernible loss of detail and, in some cases, a little annoying lens flare.

I would have chosen a 2x telephoto lens instead because wide-angle cameras are a little too specialized for my tastes, especially when the results aren’t quite as nice as if you had used the main camera instead of the wide-angle lens.

The selfie camera on the phone is adequate, but facial features were a little too soft to my eyes, even when the beautifying effects slider was set to the lowest setting on the phone.

You’ll get better results when taking portraits if you solely use the main 12MP rear camera. Nothing is more complicated than placing the Flip3 on a table (or simply holding it) and folding it at a right angle.

From there, you can turn on a live preview on the cover screen, raise your hand, and the phone will automatically capture a picture when a three-second countdown has expired. Easy.

When it comes to video, you have the option to record in 4K at 60 frames per second with image stabilization, as well as regular 1080p and 30 frames per second shooting modes.

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When I tested the footage, I noticed that it was nice and smooth, that there was plenty of detail, and that objects were brought into focus in a blink of an eye.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G: Final Verdict.

Our journey has been fraught with errors, but we’ve finally arrived at a point where purchasing an inexpensive folding phone isn’t a foolish expenditure of funds.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is exactly what we’ve been waiting for, ever since we first had a glimpse of Samsung’s flexible displays back in 2013. It’s been a long time coming.

A top-end foldable flagship with very little compromises and a price that is attainable rather than unaffordable, it is the best of the best. What more could you possibly ask for?

Indeed, the iPhone 12 Pro is priced at the same level as the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, and while it has its own set of advantages, it appears to be lacking in imagination when compared to the dynamic, forward-looking Galaxy Z Flip3 5G.

The folding smartphone of the future may only be beginning its initial steps, but this is one smartphone that will be difficult to top in the years to come.





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Who knows what Samsung’s next smartphone will look like in 2021?.

Samsung unveiled its much-awaited 2021 flаgshiр lineuр, which was greatly anticipated by many. The Gаlаxy S21, Gаlаxy S21+, and Gаlаxy S21 Ultrа are the newest phones in Samsung’s Galaxy S lineup.

In accordance with the region, the Exynos 2100 or Snapdragon 888 processor powers each of the three handsets.


Which is better, Samsung or Apple?

According to recent research issued by Gаrtner, Apple has surpassed Samsung as the world’s leading manufacturer of smartphone accessories for the first time in five years and is now the world’s leading manufacturer of smartphоne accessories.

When it comes to smartphone shipments in the fourth quarter of 2019, Apple delivered 69.5 million units, whilst Samsung shipped 70.4 million units. On the other hand, people did 79.9 million in Q4 2020, if we go ahead a year.


The Galaxy Z Fliр 3 allows you to flip it as often as you want.

Do you think it’s a step up to prior iteration?

Following Samsung’s reliability standards, the Galaxy Fоld 3 and Galaxy Z Fliр 3 are guaranteed to last for up to 200,000 welding and unwiring cycles.

The Galaxy Fоld 3 and Galaxy Z Fliр 3 come with a one-year limited warranty.


How much more durable is the Z Flip 3?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 was put through all manners of tests, including the bend, scratch, and fire tests, and it passed with flying colours.

The bend test was completed by the foldable phone, and its outer display was found to be more scratch-resistant than the inner folding screen of the device.


Is it possible for the Samsung Flip 3 to break?

In addition, the thin and flexible glass of Samsung’s smaller foldable smartphone is alleged to have some durability difficulties, resulting in the glass breaking unexpectedly.

After the unexplainable fault, not only did the display glass itself fail, but the OLED screen beneath it also failed to function.


Do the Samsung flip screens survive for a long time?

The performance of the Galaxy Z Flip 3

Likewise, the battery life is satisfactory, giving between four and five hours of screen time between charges.

I can use it for an entire day without having to worry about running out of battery power, and the wireless charging makes it simple to recharge the battery while I’m lying in bed or working at my computer.


How much is the Samsung Galaxy Z flip worth?

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G review: It has a sturdy build and a smooth display, making it a good investment.

The first generation Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s first foldable smartphone, was released in 2019 and had one of the steepest learning curves available.

However, Samsung did not take long to iron out the kinks in the original release of the Galaxy Fold.


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