How To Enable TikTok Privacy And Security Settings On Your Account.


How To Enable TikTok Privacy And Security Settings On Your Account.

How you can enable TikTok privacy and security settings on your account in a few simple steps.

TikTok has been adjudged one of the most popular and reigning social media platforms that allow users to create, share, and discover short video clips.

Below are detailed explanations of how it works, why it is popular among young people, and the dangers parents should be aware of.


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Privacy And Security Settings For Tik Tok

You must spend the necessary time becoming familiar with the privacy and security settings on the apps and platforms that your children or teenagers are utilizing.

TikTok introduced the new privacy settings for registered account holders aged between 13-15 in 2021. As a result, some of the default settings are different depending on whether the account holder is 13-15 or older.

It is essential to note that some of these settings can be changed and that users can circumvent them by creating a new account with a different date of birth than the one they currently have.

Please keep in mind that the minimum age to sign up for TikTok is thirteen years old. In Ireland, for instance, the Digital Age of Consent is set at 16 years old, which is the legal minimum. The consent of the child’s parent or legal guardian is required for children under the age of majority.

We would love to recommend that you take the time to learn how the app works and to get yourself familiarized with its privacy and security settings.


Account Security On TikTok.

TikTok accounts for users under the age of 16 are set to private by default, whereas accounts for users over the age of 16 are set to public by default as of January 20, 2021.

Having a private account means you must approve all of the people who wish to follow you on social media and watch your videos.

Even if you have a private account, all TikTok users can still see your profile picture, username, and bio, so it’s important not to share any personal or sensitive information on the platform.

While users under the age of 16 are automatically assigned a private TikTok account, they have the option to change this to a public account at any time.


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Downloads Of TikTok Videos.

Other users can download TikTok videos unless the app’s settings have been changed to prevent this from happening.

The option to download videos is turned off for users under the age of sixteen, and this cannot be changed.

Users’ accounts have the option to disable or enable video downloads, which can be found under the “Settings and Privacy” section.

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Comments On TikTok Videos.

When it comes to the privacy settings on TikTok, the default options and whether or not they can be changed are determined by the user’s age.

For example, the default setting for users under the age of 16 is ‘Friends,’ which means that only people who follow you will be able to comment on your videos.

This can be changed to ‘no-one’, but it cannot be changed to ‘everyone’ because it is a reserved word.

‘Everyone’ is the default setting for Comments for users over the age of 16, but this could be changed in the Settings and Privacy menu for users over the age of 16.



You can also disable comments on specific videos by selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down menu beneath your post.




A TikTok Duet And A Stitching Project

Duets on TikTok allow users to respond to other people’s videos by recording a video of their own that plays side-by-side with the original video in question.

A section (maximum 5 seconds) of another person’s video can be trimmed, a new ending can be recorded, and the new version can then be shared with other people.

Users could collaborate with other people who have created TikTok videos using the ‘Duet’ and ‘Stitch’ features, even if they do not know or follow other people.

The level of privacy provided by these features varies. Users within the age of 16 have their settings set to ‘Only Me’, which cannot be changed.

This setting can be changed for other users in the Settings and Privacy menu to ‘Friends,’ ‘Everyone,’ or ‘Only Me,’ depending on their preferences.




TikTok – Encourage Others to Use Your Account

It is possible for TikTok account holders to choose whether or not their account is recommended to other users as one they might be interested in following.

The default setting for users under the ages of 16 is ‘Off,’ but this can be changed to ‘On’. By default, it is set to ‘On’ for users over the age of sixteen.

It is possible to change this setting in the Settings and Privacy section of the menu.




TikTok – Blocking And Reporting


An individual who has blocked you will be unable to view your videos or interact with you through comments, likes, follows, or direct messages until they have unblocked you themselves.

How to prevent a user from accessing your account:

  • To edit the user’s profile, click the two dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select ‘Block’ from the drop-down menu.





TikTok users who wish to report other users, videos, comments, direct messages, hashtags, live videos and comments, and sounds can do so through the app.

To report a user, video, or direct message, follow these steps:

To access the menu, select the two dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
Choose a report
Select the reason for the complaint.




How To Prevent A User From Accessing Your Website:

To edit the user’s profile, click the two dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
Reporting can be disabled by selecting ‘Block’.

TikTok users have the ability to report other users, videos, comments, direct messages, hashtags, live videos and comments, and sounds to the app’s administrators.

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To report a user’s video or direct message, follow these steps:

  • To access the menu, select the two dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Choose a report
  • Select the reason for the complaint.

To report a hashtag or sound, use the following format:

  • To share something, you should click on the Share button.
  • Choose a report
  • Select the reason for the complaint.


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To report a comment or a live video comment, follow these steps:

  • Keep pressing the comment for a long time.
  • Choose a report
  • Select the reason for the complaint.


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Select The Reason For The Report Filter Content And Observations.

Users can enable comment filters to restrict spam or offensive comments until they are approved and filter keywords on videos, which would be hidden until they are approved, in the Privacy setting of their account.

This setting is enabled by default for users under the age of sixteen and cannot be changed.




Mode With Restrictions.

Restricting the appearance of age-inappropriate content in a user’s TikTok newsfeed is an option that can be used to help limit the appearance of such content.

This setting, which can be enabled through the Digital Wellbeing menu, can also be password protected if desired.




However, while restrictions and filter controls are useful tools for reducing the likelihood of encountering inappropriate content, no filter is 100 percent effective. Please, you should talk with your children about how to use the internet responsibly.


Pairings Of Families.

Parents or guardians can link their TikTok accounts with the accounts of their children or teenagers through the use of the family pairing feature.

When Family Pairing is enabled, parents can set controls for their children, such as screen time planning, restricted mode, search,

direct messaging, who can discover their account, and who can like or comment on their videos. When Family Pairing is disabled, parents cannot set controls.




Parental Recommendations For Children.

Be familiar with, and check in on, your privacy and security settings on a regular basis.

Please could discuss with your children the importance of understanding their account’s privacy settings and the importance of not disclosing personal or sensitive information on their account.

A conversation with your children about protecting their online identity and being accountable for the content they post and share online can be facilitated by using these Talking Points.

Many young people use the internet to broaden their circle of acquaintances.
It would be nice if you discussed the importance of making online friends with your child,

the essence of regularly reviewing their friends’ list, and the importance of being cautious when disclosing personally identifiable information.

For parents, these Talking Points include important considerations when it comes to making online friends, and they could be some useful starting points for a conversation with your child.

Please discuss with your children the essence of maintaining their online reputation.
When it comes to sharing and connecting with others, social media is a fantastic tool, but once content has been posted online, it can be difficult to keep track of where it goes.

We recommend that you use our Managing Your Online Reputation Checklist to assist you in leaving a positive digital footprint.

Assure your child that, in the event that something goes wrong, you will be there to assist and support them.

The Webwise Parents Hub contains a wealth of information, resources, and expert advice on a variety of topics, including cyberbullying and online harassment, as well as what to do if something goes wrong while you’re online.

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Understandably, many parents are concerned about how much time their children spend online. We’ve put together a guide for parents that includes advice and discussion topics about screen time with their children.

This would help ensure that your children make the most of their time online. For a more in-depth look, Advice for Parents Regarding Screen Time.

Having a presence on the internet has become an integral part of adolescent life. Many young people place a high value on their interactions with other people online and other people’s content on social media platforms.

This can put them under additional pressure to live up to idealistic standards, which can have a negative impact on their online well-being.

Promoting positive self-esteem online can be an effective way for parents and caregivers to support teenagers, and these Talking Points can be a useful starting point for that conversation.


People Also Ask:



Hоw dо I enаble рrivаte TikTоk?

Tо set yоur ассоunt аs рrivаte оr рubliс:
Tар Рrоfile in the bоttоm right.
Tар the 3-line iсоn in the tор right.
Gо tо Рrivасy.
Turn Рrivаte Ассоunt оn оr оff.


Hоw dо I turn оff Рrivасy restriсtiоns оn TikTоk?


Hоw dо I enаble 18+ соntent оn TikTоk?

TikTоk: Here’s Hоw tо Turn Оn Restriсted Mоde
Steр 1: Tар the рrоfile iсоn in the bоttоm-right соrner оf the sсreen.
Steр 2: Tар the three dоts in the tор-right соrner оf the sсreen.
Steр 3: Under the “Generаl” seсtiоn, tар “Digitаl Wellbeing.”
Steр 4: Tар “Restriсted Mоde.”
Steр 5: Tар “Enаble Restriсted Mоde.”


Why did TikTоk restriсt my settings?

TikTоk sаys аllоwing а сhild tо сhооse the setting is а wаy tо get them invоlved in understаnding their оnline fооtрrint. Kids under 16 will nо lоnger be аble tо роst “duet” оr “stitсh” videоs, whiсh use раrts оf аnоther user’s videо tо сreаte their оwn.


Саn аnyоne see my TikTоk videоs?

By defаult, yоur ассоunt stаrts аs рubliс, whiсh meаns аny TikTоk user саn view yоur videоs аnd роst соmments, reасtiоns, оr duets tо engаge with the соntent yоu’ve сreаted аnd shаred – but yоu саn eаsily сhаnge it tо а рrivаte ассоunt in yоur Рrivасy Settings.


Саn TikTоks be рrivаte?

Tар “Рrivасy аnd sаfety.” 5. Tоggle the slider tо the right оf “Рrivаte ассоunt” tо mаke yоur TikTоk ассоunt рrivаte. When the slider turns green, yоu’ve mаde yоur ассоunt рrivаte.


Саn yоu restriсt TikTоk соntent?

Оther thаn Restriсted Mоde, there’s nо wаy tо filter оut соntent оn TikTоk, sо раrents аre enсоurаged tо shаre аn ассоunt with kids оver 13.



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