How To View Or Find Steam Hidden Games

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How To View Or Find Steam Hidden Games




If you’ve ever wondered how to find hidden games on Steam, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’ve hidden a game or deleted it, you can learn how to restore it using this article.

It’ll save you time and hassle trying to find hidden games again.

You can view and restore hidden games with a few simple steps. This article will show you the most effective way to find and restore hidden games on Steam.

Delete A Game

The process to delete a hidden game on Steam is simple.

After you’ve purchased the game, you can access it through Steam’s “My Games” section and click “Delete.”

Deleted games are removed from your library immediately and will never be visible again unless you repurchase them. To find out more about this process, visit Steam.

You can also search for the game in the search bar at the bottom of the page. If you’ve played the game recently, it will be listed in the “Recent” section.

Alternatively, you can delete a hidden game by right-clicking on its entry in your Steam library. You can either choose to permanently remove the game or unhide it.

If you’ve paid for the game, you can also delete the game from your PC manually. Once you’ve deleted the game from your computer, you won’t be able to get it back again.

This is why you should choose a free game and save your progress before you delete it. It’s important to remember that you can hide a game on Steam for various reasons.

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For instance, you may want to play a game with your friends but not want them to see it. You can also hide the game from your Steam library to avoid the hassles associated with sharing it with other users.

When you hide a game on Steam, it will remain hidden until the other person finds out how to unhide it. However, deleting it from your Steam library will completely remove it from your collection.

Hide A Game

You can view or find hidden games in your Steam library in a couple of ways.

First, you can click on the “View” tab to find the Hidden heading. You can click on “Hide this game” again if you don’t want it to appear in your Steam library.

Then, select the “View” tab again and select the “Hide this game” option again. This should reveal any hidden games you have on your account.

You can also choose to hide games that you don’t want to see in your sidebar. To do this, log in to your Steam account and navigate to the Library tab.

On the left side of the screen, you’ll see a list of your games. Browse through them and find the games you no longer want. To remove them from your sidebar, simply right-click them and choose “Hide”.

Another option for hiding games is to remove the option that allows other users to see your profile. You can also hide additional games from your Steam library if you wish.

If you don’t want your friends and family to see your profile, you can unhide them. To hide games, right-click the game, mouse over the Manage menu, and click “Hide this game.”

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Restore A Game

If you’ve accidentally hidden a game, you can restore it to your library with the unhide games feature on Steam.

Hide games in Steam aren’t permanent, and you can always choose to restore them at a later date. This will save you from having to spend time finding and deleting them.

To unhide a game, click the Manage icon next to the title and choose to remove it from the hidden list. Now, the game will appear in your Library.

When you unhide a game, you may want to remove it from your PC to free up space. But be sure not to delete it completely.

Removing it will also uninstall it from your PC, meaning that you’ll have to buy it again. However, if the game was paid for, you can reinstall it from your Steam library.

This is easy to do if you have a Steam backup. To find hidden games, you need to sign into your Steam account and go to the Library tab.

From there, you can browse your Steam library. Here, you’ll find the games you’d like to restore. Select the game you want to restore and then click the Manage button.

If you’d rather not use the Manage option, you can hide the game in the Library tab. Alternatively, you can select the unhide button and click on it again.





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