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Xiaomi Flip Buds Pro Wireless Bluetooth 5.2 ANC (40DB)

Xiaomi Flip Buds Pro Wireless Bluetooth
Xiaomi Flip Buds Pro Wireless Bluetooth

Xiaomi Flip Buds Pro: A New Version of the True Wireless Bluetooth 5.2 ANC (40 DB).


ANC QCC5151 AptX Support Xiaomi Flip Buds Pro Buds Pro. Thanks to 11 mm Ultra Dynamic drivers, the Xiaomi Flip Buds Pro produces outstanding sound.

They also provide active noise cancellation (ANC) with up to 40 dB, are equipped with the new Qualcomm QCC5151 chip, and support both the Bluetooth aptX Adaptive Standard and Bluetooth 5.2.

With Wireless Charge support, you can get up to 7 hours of full battery life per earbud and up to about 28 hours in the charging case overall.


ANC Is Available At A Low Cost.

With active noise cancellation, modern sound standards, and long battery life, the Xiaomi Flip Buds Pro are an excellent value for money.

Apple’s Air Pods Pro can relax a little bit because Xiaomi’s headphones are technically on par with the company’s flagship device.

But they compete in a much more affordable league in terms of price. As a result, they make excellent prey for those on a tight budget.


Modern Standards Imputted.

Xiaomi’s Flip Buds Pro, a small but powerful pair of headphones, is built with high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology.

Qualcomm’s QCC5151 chip, which is the latest generation, was used in the installation.

If necessary, the sound is reproduced using Bluetooth 5.2 and the high-resolution aptX Adaptive standard, which is supported by the device.

High-quality 11 mm Ultra Dynamic drivers have been installed in order to ensure that the hardware can also deliver a sound of correspondingly high quality.


Even In Noisy Environments, Remains Undisturbed.

These headphones’ outstanding active noise cancellation (ANC) is unusual in this price range.

The Xiaomi Flip Buds Pro can reduce ambient noise by as much as 40 decibels.

However, in addition to providing noise absorption, the enclosed ear inserts ensure that you can enjoy your music without interruption when combined with active noise cancellation.

A perfect fit is guaranteed by earplugs of various sizes, contributing to a high level of comfort while wearing the plugs.


Included A Case.

In addition, a charging case with a powerful power bank is included in the package.

The earbuds themselves claim a battery life of approximately seven hours without active noise cancellation and five hours with active noise cancellation.

When used in conjunction with the power bank included in the case, the runtime increases to 28 and 22 hours, respectively.

Wireless Charge or a USB C cable are options for charging the headphones. The charging LED on the headphones indicates whether or not the headphones are fully charged.







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