Xiaomi MI Band 6 With A AMOLED Display And Pulse Oximeter.

Xiaomi MI Band 6 AMOLED Display And Pulse Oximeter.
Xiaomi MI Band 6 AMOLED Display And Pulse Oximeter.

Xiaomi MI Band 6 With A AMOLED Display And Pulse Oximeter.



Run time of 14 days for the XIAOMI MI BAND 6 with a 1.56-inch AMOLED display and pulse oximeter.

AMOLED display, 5 ATM, and a pulse oximeter are all features of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6.


The Winner In Terms Of Price Performance.

One of the most popular wearables of all time has reached its sixth iteration:

Xiaomi’s Mi Band 6 has been updated to include a useful new feature: a pulse oximeter, making it the most up-to-date version yet.

As a result of this configuration, the comparatively low-cost device can compete with even the most expensive models in terms of performance.

Particularly relevant are the wearing comfort and battery performance aspects of the device.


Measure For Oxygen Saturation.

That is what is possible with the most recent Mi Band wristband device generation.

Xiaomi has finally added the feature that fans have been clamoring to the most popular gadget in this price range with the sixth generation of the Mi Note.

Of course, the advanced heart rate measurement and the other tracking options from the predecessors are also included.

However, the Mi Band 6 is recommended for athletes and anyone who wishes to perform advanced sleep monitoring.


The AMOLED Display And Its Operating Time.

The Mi Band 6 has an AMOLED display, just like its predecessors. The display is extremely bright and clear.

It has a 1.56-inch screen with a resolution of 152 x 486 pixels and measures 1.56 inches.

When you think about the size of the display, digital content is reproduced with razor-sharpness.

Additionally, the maximum brightness of 450 nits is impressive. The power source is a 125 mAh battery, which runs for approximately 14 days and can be recharged multiple times.

Therefore, it is recommended that you should leave the charging cable at home while on vacation.


Smart Administration From Smarty Gadget.

According to the company, because of its minimalist design and low weight of only 13 grams, the Mi Band 6 is particularly well suited for athletes.

In addition, the range of functions makes this abundantly clear: The smart device is capable of supporting a wide range of workouts and fitness modes.

Furthermore, the wristband can be worn while swimming or in the shower without causing discomfort.

The Mi band is waterproof up to a pressure of five ATM. Mi Fit is a free app that allows you to control all of the features.








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